We are locally owned and locally operated company.

We are the ONLY green cleaning company accredited by Green Cleaning Institute in Hawaii.

We are ONE of the few cleaning companies in Hawai’i that are accredited by Hawaii’s BBB.

We GUARANTEE 100% consumer satisfaction or no charge.


Our consumer relations office operates 24/7 and we have a 24hrs consumer response GUARANTEE.

Our consumers are free to choose any of their CONVENIENT payment method and options.

We offer a FREE demo.


We provide REFERRALS from our consumers and business partners.

Our consumers have a privilege to use up to 40% DISCOUNT of suggested retail prices when ordering supplies through us.

Our consumers are FREE to EXIT from contract at any time without prior giving us any notice in advance. We however, use a 90 days of notice policy.

We are the ONLY cleaning company in Hawai’i that uses Hygiene

ATP SystemSURE PLUS devices to monitor effectiveness of our services.



INTREGRATION:  No company can be fully Green without a Green cleaning service.  With popular Green practices, it is a fundamental error to use a cleaning company that isn’t Green certified.

COMPLIANCE: Increase municipal, state, and federal rules will be seen in the Post-2012 agenda.  Many cleaning supplies are not as Green as you may think, and laws are changing.


CERTIFICATION:  Every reliable Green business certification program gives points or credit for a certified Green cleaning service and the use of Green cleaning products.


​CARBON FOOTPRINT: Few people realize that the VOCs emitted from most standard cleaning products actually turn into more Green House Gases once released into the air adding to climate concerns.


WORKPLACE SAFETY:  Management and employees need a safe workplace that includes protection from toxic exposure.  Long term exposure to chemicals will produce health issues in any working group.

RISK MANAGEMENT:  Environ-mental lawsuits have increased by 300% due to Sick Building Syndrome and Building Related Illness.

PRODUCTIVITY:  Poor indoor air quality reduces employee productivity due to increased sick days, headaches, lethargy, mild nausea, and can contribute to increased medical claims.


There is no doubt that every company will eventually Go Green. There are many reasons that we can offer, but the best one is that this is not just about the business.  It is the legacy that we will leave behind us. 

The business community uses between 40-70% of all resources, and can be both wasteful and foolish in how it gives back to the community. 

Going Green will cut your costs, improve your business, and it will leave a better world for all of us; and those that follow. We are proud to offer your company that money can’t buy…

"What makes us different from the other cleaning companies on the island is that we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee the most competitive prices on island." - Shota Mkheidze, CEO-President