Windshear Downdraft

Whole Room Dryer

Dry an average size room in just minutes with the Windshear Downdraft drying technology. This air mover from Tornado® pulls drier, warmer air from above, driving it down and out across the entire surface of the floor. One Downdraft will dry an entire room in as little as 15 minutes. Drying rooms one section at a time is a thing of the past with the Windshear Downdraft.
  • Details

    - 6 blade precision pitched fan with high velocity motor for fast drying
    - 3500 CFM 2 speed motor rated for continuos duty
    - Variable angle operation
    - 360-degree directed air fl ow
    - Built-in cord wrap
    - Durable and rugged design
    - Stackable up to 4 high for easy transport and space efficient storage
    - Expandable transport handle and built in wheels for easy transportation come standard