Window Squeegee (Alumax)

Alumax Squeegee

This extra-long squeegee comes with a high-impact aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy channel and a professional swivel handle. Designed to save time on large windows, Alumax can do the work quickly (in 1/3 of the time) and easily, cleaning the whole surface uniformly end to end. With its 80 cm channel, this squeegee ensures effortless and error fee operation. The result is a perfectly streak-free surface. The Alumax handle can take any telescopic pole and is made of high-performance reinforced plastic. It swivels on a brass centre pin with screw adjustment. The ends of aluchannel are rounded and non-scratch for use close up to the window frame. Alumax comes with a channel and rubber blade in the size range 35 cm (14”) to 90 cm (36”).