Window Buckets

Window Buckets


The Pulex multi purpose rectangular bucket was designed mainly for window cleaning or floor waxing. Can be fitted with casters, single hooks, double hooks, or a stainless steel drain sieve. They come in four colors; Blue, Red, Green and Yellow with the option of the matching bucket lid. The window bucket is 19" x 10" x 10" and 2.75lbs. The lid for multi-purpose rectangular bucket, fits bucket tightly to prevent spills, and keeps product from drying out.

The window bucket caster are another option for your window bucket. Set of 4 casters for use with multi-purpose rectangular bucket. Makes manuvering the bucket easy, especially when used for floor finishing and maintenance. They are made of plastic/nylon with steel stems.

The stainless steel drain sieve can be fitted into the window bucket. This is great to wring out window washers or cloths. It's 16.5" x 4".