The Brute Force Series of High Speed Glazers

The Ultimate Value in High-speed Burnishing Power

Tornado’s® Brute Force Series of High-Speed electric burnishers are expertly balanced for ideal pad-to-floor pressure and sustained RPMs. Unlike other burnishers, you get total pad-to-floor contact, which means greater efficiency, speed and overall cost-savings. The Brute Force Series of High Speed Glazers™ provide excellence in design, operator comfort, and unsurpassed burnishing performance. With a 20” burnishing path, flex pad holder, lock-in retainer, 1.5 HP motor, and Tornado’s® one piece all metal tube and switch housing, the Brute Force Series of High-Speed Glazer’s™ can handle the most demanding of floor care needs. The Brute Force Glazer Series is offered in 3 models, including a new and convenient 2000 rpm version featuring “Dust Control”that meets LEED and CIMS-GB standards by controlling dust generated by the burnishing process. To top it off, we offer these machines at unmatched price points, making the Brute Force Series of burnishers a must-have for any cleaning professional.
  • Details

    Easy access to motor and internal components.
    Completely enclosed motor
    Lasting durability and quick access for maintenance purposes.
    Unique design keeps motor running COOL, and provides a longer life.
    Floating handle provides great maneuverability with no “flutter” or pull.