Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop Applicator System

Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop Applicator System

Our Wet and Dry Mop Applicator systems are designed to reduce the number of trips you would normally take to a mop bucket. This system can increase productivity and reduce labor cost by 50% versus traditional bucket methods. This is a portable microfiber system that you can use any of our mop bases and microfiber mops. Each handle contains a dispensing system using bottle and sprayer that dispenses water or chemicals. The fluid is released by trigger on the handle and is gravity fed onto the floor. The reservoir can be removed in a few seconds for refilling.
  • Details

    The system includes the following:

    60” Aluminum Pole
    One Quart Bottle
    1 Molded Plastic Base (HAMT18 or HAMT24)

    Sizes: 18”, 24”

    Use any of our Wet Mops with this system.

    We recommend the Easy Glide Wet Mop,

    Antibacterial Mop, or the Wet/DryLoopMop.