ECS High Speed Diamond Scrubbing System

ECS High Speed Diamond Scrubbing System

ECS High Speed Diamond Scrubbing System
The first automatic scrubber designed to clean and polish all type of floors.

IPC Eagle ECS™ high speed automatic scrubbers are uniquely designed to clean and polish sealed and non-sealed floors in just one process. This chemical free mechanical cleaning approach physically removes the soil as it polishes the surface drastically cutting the cost of labor and chemicals while eliminating frequent burnishing.

Cleans and polishes floors in just one process
Provides a high gloss shine on VCT and other sealed floors without burnishing.
Provides high gloss shine on unsealed floors including polished concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, vinyl and epoxy floors
Chemicals are eliminated in this mechanical cleaning approach
Our High Speed (600 RPM) ECS™ Machines are over three times faster than traditional scrubbers allowing you to get the high gloss shine you expect

Benefits of using the ECS™ High Speed Diamond Pads

600 RPM provides a high gloss shine in half the time
Extends the life of the floor finish by 50%
Reduce burnishing by 70%
Drastically reduces cost by increasing the life of the floor, reducing stripping and recoating and reducing the amount of pad replacements
Eliminate frequent burnishing
Eco-Friendly, mechanically cleans without chemicals
Provides consistently clean and high gloss floors

Advantages of ECS™ High Speed Diamond Pads

Maintain gloss levels up to 60 degrees
Longer finish life, less top scrubs and recoats
Reduction of deep scrubs by 30% or more
Eliminates disruptions during busy periods by extending deep scrub and recoat intervals
Cleans from 500,000 sq ft up to 750,000 sq ft

High, Outstanding Quality

High level of gloss all the time
Improve and prolong life of floors
Improved facility image

Cost Efficient

Reduce your cleaning time
Diamond pads have long life
No chemicals needed

Environmental Sustainability
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    ECS High Speed Diamond Scrubbing System