BD 32/26

Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber

Tornado’s new BD 32/26 walk-behind scrubber offers world class scrubbing, a wide cleaning path and large capacity solution and recovery tanks. This unit is perfect for use in grocery stores, retail facilities, hospitals and warehouses. The BD 32/26 lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, then vacuums away dirty solution, leaving floors clean and dry in just one pass, even around 180 degree turns. Clean over 32,300 square feet per hour while increasing your building’s occupant health and safety.
  • Details

    - Large walk-behind unit suited for grocery stores, large retail facilities, schools, industrial facilities and hospitals
    - 32” cleaning path
    - 26 gallon solution tank
    - 28 gallon recovery tank
    - Simple operator interface
    - Whisper Quiet 67 dB
    - Built-in safety feature avoids work-related accidents
    - Optional eco-friendly, 100% non-spill AGM battery available
    - Heavy-duty, four-sided, parabolic squeegee
    - Ergonomic handle design
    - Exceptionally durable rotomolded polyethylene construction
    - Stainless steel battery tray
    - Manual adjustment of brush pressure
    - Dual access to solution and recovery tanks